Kids with crooked teeth can have their teeth straightened without conventional braces. Invisalign treatments from BOP Dentist will straighten your kid’s teeth without wires. So if you are looking for an Orthodontist in the Merrimack Valley, southern New Hampshire, or northern Massachusetts, look no further. An Invisalign treatment is a comfortable way to fix crooked teeth, or a crowding problem in your child’s mouth. But there is a better reason than that.

Kid’s do not like food restrictions. Normal metal braces have serious restrictions. So when you choose an Invisalign Treatment, you don’t have to say goodbye to popcorn! There are no food restrictions, so your child will feel better about fixing their smile without tough changes to their normal routine. They will be motivated as they see the changes in real time. And these changes can be seen in as few as just a few weeks in certain cases. All treatments are different, but your child will receive a customized plan and will be able to see what their corrected teeth will look like on our 3D simulator.

So don’t delay getting Invisalign Treatments from BOP Dentist in Methuen, Massachusetts. We are part of Kangaroo Smiles and are ready to get your kids started on a full dental plan.