Terms and Conditions

Payment Obligations, Renewals, and Cancellations

  1. Website Development Payment Obligations: A setup fee is required in order to begin the development of your website. During our Strategy Call, We will discuss how we can meet your business’ unique needs & streamline your digital presence. The setup fee is designed to cover the first few hours of development. We will send you the design drafts, navigation, and pages for approval. The economy website package includes 3 hours of coding and site design. The SEO Optimized website package includes 6 hours of coding and site design. Additional hours are billed at the current hourly rate. We ask that you provide us with content for your site so that their site can go live. After payment, 603 web design will work with you to ensure your content and esthetics match your vision.
  2. Website Development Cancellation: If site design and development work has already begun (such as creating a design concept), then the setup fee is non-refundable. 603 web design may elect at its sole discretion to offer a partial refund depending upon the circumstances.
  3. Stock Photography Payment Obligations: Stock photography includes most photos and/or images not provided by the client. Stock photography purchased on behalf of the client for use in website development is billable at a minimum of $10 per picture. This amount is separate from the amount quoted for website design and development. Some pictures are more expensive than $10, in which case we will solicit client approval and communicate the price before purchasing.
  4. Description of Ongoing Costs:
    • Domain name registration (economy sites only): This cost recurs annually. Domain name registration gives you exclusive rights to a certain name, such as www.mysite.com, so that you can use it for your web-based purposes. You are NOT required to register a domain through us, but we strongly PREFER that you do. If you have registered your own name, make sure you have yourself as the Registrant and Administrative Contact with a current, easily accessible email address. This will help to ensure that your domain can be renewed or transferred should the need arise. Domain registration is included in higher-tiered plans.
    • Hosting: Hosting is included in your monthly subscription fee. This places the domain name on our NVMe server and makes your site accessible via a web browser. Hosting includes bandwidth, storage space, database and security tools, and other features. If you want to host your site on another server this must be disclosed before you sign up with us.
    • Hourly Rate: available on request at the hourly rate published on our rates page.
  5. Hosting Renewal Payment Obligations: Your hosting account will be automatically renewed monthly under the same time and fee structure unless you give written notice to 603 web design fifteen (15) days before the monthly fee.
  6. Hosting Cancellation Payment Obligations: You may cancel at any time. Prepaid fees are non-refundable.
  7. Hosting Transfer Payment Obligations: If you wish to transfer your hosting to another provider 603 web design is the sole developer and owner of all files on our server. These files will be lost after the cancellation of services.
  8. Limited 30-day Money Back Guarantee on Hosting: If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 30 days from the opening of the account, we will cancel your monthly recurring subscription fee. If your account has been canceled by us due to a breach of the terms and conditions on your part, you will not be eligible for a refund. Domain name registration is non-refundable. If we registered the domain you must pay a domain release fee if you want to use the domain.
  9. Website Maintenance: There are no required maintenance fees other than domain registration and hosting. We will provide updates to plugins and WordPress software. This is included in your monthly fee. If you request new plugins to be installed these will be charged at the hourly rate.

Development Process

  1. Homepage Design: Once the site design is approved by the client, usually via email consent, the design is considered ready for implementation. Should the client wish to make changes to a design they have approved, those changes are billable at the hourly rate.
  2. Navigation: Once the site outline/map is approved by the client, usually via email consent, the site navigation is considered ready for implementation. Combined with the approved graphic design, this becomes the site structure. Once we build this structure per client approval, any subsequent changes are billable at the hourly rate.
  3. Content: Provision of content is the client’s responsibility unless specifically negotiated ahead of time as part of the project proposal.
  4. Text content: Copy for all website pages and links needs to be delivered digitally and should be carefully proof-read by the client. Two rounds of revisions will be provided free of charge. Subsequent revisions will be billable at the hourly rate.
  5. Copy development: Should the client request development of content for the site, website content is billable at our regular hourly rate. We will compose appropriate content as a draft, and submit it to you for review, and approval.
  6. Graphical content: Images outside of the website design must be provided in digital form or in a form, unless otherwise arranged. Subsequent revisions will be billable at the hourly rate.
  7. Database Implementation: Entry of data for database applications is considered the client’s responsibility. Entry of data by 603 web design is billable unless otherwise provided for in writing.
  8. Email: We offer domain-based email accounts to our clients as a separately billed service. We take no responsibility for troubleshooting email problems. If we do assist with email this is billed at the hourly rate.
  9. Technical Support: We offer local and long-distance support to our clients. We do not normally bill for technical support depending on the source of the problem, its severity, and our time invested. If 603 web design is not the source of the problem, technical support may be billable at the hourly rate.

Domain Transfers and DNS Management

For domains not originally registered with 603 web design, there will be a $25 fee to either transfer to the domain into our registration platform. If your domain is not registered with 603 web design, DNS management and troubleshooting tasks are billable at our hourly rate.

To transfer a domain that 603 web design has registered, there will be a transfer fee of $250.

Websites Content and Code

603 web design does not transfer content to a new developer or host.  Custom written pages and code are considered the property of 603 web design and cannot be shared with other developers. The client’s business name and logos are always considered the client’s property.  603 web design retains ownership of the code.

In some cases, 603 web design will install software for the client’s website that has been built by a third party. Examples include WordPress blog software, shopping carts, photo galleries, plugins, contact forms etc. In these instances, clients will be subject to the terms and conditions of the third party who owns the software and may use the software as a licensee only. No ownership rights of any kind are transferred to the client.

Access to or transfer of proprietary source code could result in a security risk to 603 web design and its clients who are running similar pieces of code. In order to provide custom software development services, clients give us access to private and/or sensitive information, trade secrets, proprietary pricing, and business methods.  If clients believed that we may be sharing this information with outside developers, they could lose faith that we are protecting their proprietary information.  Therefore, neither access nor transfer of any code built for any purpose that is unique and not commonly and publicly available can be granted. Should the client want us to build software to run on another server, it must be disclosed upfront and specifically contracted for.

Website components that ARE transferable to another host include HTML code, graphics, logos, pictures, navigation, text, and the data residing within a database (but not the code).  Hourly fees will apply for any special work that needs to be done to transfer those parts of the website that do not violate the other paragraphs in this section.

Non-Domain-Based Troubleshooting

603 web design maintains and troubleshoots the websites we develop for our clients, as well as any domain-based email accounts of those websites. We do NOT assume responsibility for upkeep or provide non-billable troubleshooting on our clients’ ISPs (Internet Service Providers), ISP-based email accounts, your home or office internet connections, or any other non-domain-based issues outside 603 web design realm of service. Provision of non-domain-based troubleshooting services will be billable at our normal hourly rate.